Every time I meet someone new or visit a family member I haven’t seen in a while I always get asked the same question, “What even is sociology?”. This question sort of haunts me, to some extent, haha I’m not crying about it. I still don’t have an answer and the further I progress on my course the less I expect I will. The bigger reason for not liking this question is the way people ask it, there seems to be an underlying judgement about my course. Less so from students and people my age, more of the older generation who believe the only way to get something out of university is to be a lawyer or a brain surgeon. I worked nights in Sainsburys and colleagues in their 50’s who had been on the job 20 years asked the question in the same way, one could not grasp the concept of quitting this “cooshti” night-shift job (this job, by the way, almost made me go insane with the never-ending waves of monotony).

The way this question gets asked, along with the follow up question “what kind of job can you get with it?” makes me feel as though I should provide some sort of justification. The image is a visual representation of how my brain reacts to these questions. Justification for my choice that doesn’t affect them. My mother feels the need to do it on my behalf when she talks about me with friends and family, bless her haha. But in my infinite wisdom, as fucking idiotic 19-year-old, I have decided to abandon justification for decisions that, ultimately, only effect me. So, when people ask me I don’t justify, I laugh off the question in a self-deprecating manner when meeting students and try to change the conversation when talking to family (this works well because most of the time the family members don’t actually care). It works well, I’m not worried about my future and I no longer care about justifying. Life is a lot easier when you don’t worry about trivial things.

P.S This is soppy as fuck, but guess what? I don’t have to justify it BANG BANG!!!!


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