Jack is Back.

Samurai Jack is returning to adult swim on March 11th, the excitement is REAL!!! It has got the be the epitome of a classic action cartoon, aimed at young boys. The premise is enough to get anyone invested – a samurai gets zapped into a dystopian future and he has to try and go back in time to right it (mate…. that’s too sick). I bonded with a lot of my long term friends over this show, if you knew and liked Samurai Jack there was a good chance, in young Joe’s mind (and really current Joe’s haha), that you were a good person.

However, I’m facing a small 1st world problem, do I try and watch all the previous series to bring me back up to speed. The fear is that it won’t hold up and it may burn me out before I watch the new series. Will nostalgia be able to offset the dated animation. I’m not sure and I’m not sure I want to risk it. But I feel to be a true Jack fan would do this. Between university and my unnatural ability to procrastinate time is an issue (52 episodes to get through). This is not at all a negative post though, Samurai Jack is the DON ONE, but I’ve tried to go back and watch some of my childhood favs, Recess and YuGiOh are to some good examples. When I was younger I remember getting ultra gassed if they came on cartoon network or my dad let me control the TV for that extra half an hour. Maybe the problem is is binge watching wasn’t thing and the weakness in script diversity gets hi-lighted (Pokemon is prime example, every episode one of the same four things happens).

I’m confident that the new series will be everything it needs to. Adultswim can’t really put a foot wrong at the moment. Between Rick and Morty, The Eric Andre Show and Tim & Eric they programme some of my favourite shows. Also the decision to make it rated R and have all the blood and gore it deserves makes me even more confident.

The new series is set in the future and Jack has given up all hopes of returning to the past. It will follow him reigniting his spirit and reaching the end goal. Its going to be next, fucking go watch the trailer and be blown away.

Peace Out



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